Wetsuits and Weigh-ins

Remember when I won the free wet-suit from TYR?  Well it arrived and I'm stoked!  When I spoke to the rep, he told me to pick my size from the following chart and if I was between sizes I should pick the larger, as their suits tend to fit very tightly:

Size Height (ft/in) Weight (lbs) Height (cm) Weight (kg)
XS 4'9-5'4 118-142 146-160 54-65
S 5'3-5'9 138-166 158-170 62-75
S/M 5'7-6'0 146-173 165-181 66-78
M 5'8-6'1 155-188 172-184 71-85
M/L 5'10-6'-2 158-191 179-187 72-86
L 5'10-6'3 175-199 181-189 79-90
XL 5'10-6'4 191-220 183-194 86-100
XXL 6'0-6'8 208+ 185-201 94+

But here's the thing:

So I guess I should pick the XL right? Especially because it's the off-season, and I'm likely to only gain weight before next season... Well, I might be dumb but I ordered the large.  I guess, I want the wet-suit to be the stick (or the carrot, depending on your point of view) that will keep me policing my own weight, even when my life derails my training/dietary plans...
It (TYR Hurricane Cat 5) fits great, and I can't wait to try (tri?) it in the water.  Thanks Multi-Sport Canada and TYR!

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