100 Pushups

Family demands continue to outweigh both training and blogging, but I did find enough time to discover the 100 pushup program.  I'm sure consistency is key, but it looks like several sets of pushups (with 1 minute breaks) 3 times a week.

I did the initial test today and I can do 32 push-ups; that sounds about right.  I'm sure I used to be able to do more than 40, but I've been away from exercise for a few weeks, and away from strength and push-up based exercise for longer.  It may not seem triathlon-centric, but Steve Speirs, the program's creator is a triathlete and ultra-runner (and dad!) so I'm game too.

I'll log and tweet my progress, and if I get to 100, I'll be sporting the 'I did 100' badge here at Iron Rogue.

UPDATE: Things haven't been going well, and I'm not keeping up with the workouts.  I'm not going to quit, but I 'll have to restart from Week 3 Day 1.

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