Race Bucket List

Bucket lists seem to be all the rage these days, but I've always found the idea daunting - how could I list everything I ever wanted to do?  My list would be something like: 1.) Live Forever and do everything.  Yet, if I focus on the idea that there are endurance/athletic events I would like to participate in, then maybe I can come up with something.

These races will be in the 'Bucket List'/Pipe Dream category for one or more of the following reasons (in increasing order of likelihood):
  1. Conditioning.  I'm too far out of the shape I'd need to be in to complete
  2. Skill/Equipment.  One or more of the disciplines involves a skill I don't know how to do
  3. Geography/Logistics:  Getting there with equipment won't work while taking care of my family at the same time
All of these are fixable or will change with time, and so will the list as I find out new possibilities and opportunities... so let's get started!

Runners going through the Brandenburg Gate
This list is long enough for now, but I'm always up for recommendations... dream big!

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