Grab/Santa's Bag of Stuff from the Web

With End-of-Year crunch and Christmas time gatherings, I don't seem to have time for training or proper blog posts, but here's a couple of discoveries from the web that I love and wanted to highlight with more than just a tweet.

My favourite triathlon blogger is Swim Bike Mom; a 'regular jane' with a job and family who also happens to be a half Ironman.  Her posts are always heartfelt and funny, but this one took the cake (I was actually jealous that I didn't come up with the idea myself): Triathletes Are Babies.

My other big find was TriMuskoka a newly developed advocacy club for endurance athletes and endurance sport tourism in Huntsville and Lake of Bays, Muskoka. We are committed to athlete development and support for both local and visiting athletes. Our priority is to ensure that every club member achieves his or her goals.  

This area has been home to multiple triathlons in recent years, and I've noticed a steep increase in the number of people running and biking out on the roads (I'm sure people are swimming in the lakes too, I just haven't spotted as many).  I'm really excited to see a formal club/community spring up from all the local enthusiasm, and the icing is that not only is the old Muskoka Chase Triathlon converting to an official WTC 5150 race, but Element Racing is putting on an off-road Triathlon called 'The Grind'.

A final note: I've added an 'About' Page for quicker way to introduce myself to new readers.  I'm looking at making some more cosmetic changes on the blog (can't wait till Blogger's Dynamic Views allows widgets), I hope they aren't detrimental.

Happy Holidays and/or Merry Christmas! 

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