Winter Running Tips and Reality Checks

If you're near the 49th parallel or North of there, you probably have a better idea of what real cold is, and all the extra challenges that come from it.

With the holidays I had a chance to take my eldest son (2 years old, and will be known from here on out as 'Shark Boy') out in the Chariot on a run.  It was pretty cold, so precautions needed to be taken.  Around this time of year there are plenty of articles about how to accommodate the colder temperatures, and most of them repeat a lot of the same good advice.  I'll take this one from and look at some of the tips while adding what they really entail:

For all that extra time and effort, I'd still rather be out there than on a treadmill; I want the 2012 Winter season to have as much running as I can fit in!

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