More Family Exercise

My main 'go-to' circuit/strength workout is the the Spartacus Workout from Men's Health.  It doesn't require much other than dumbbells, and I can get it done in around 40 minutes, though it gets me sweating and breathing heavily like anybody's business.  Last time I did the workout at home, Shark Boy was having a nap, but the Lightning Kid (4 months) was ready to rock.  My wife went out for a run, so I was watching him. I managed to keep him somewhat entertained with the following modifications to the Spartacus Workout:

Mountain Climbers:

Push-up Position Row:

Lunge and Rotation:
He weighs 12 lbs... perfect!

And when I'm on the bike trainer, I let him watch me.  He seems to find the noise and motion of the spinning wheels fascinating.  The trouble is, if I find myself tiring, and the cadence backs off, he starts to squawk of boredom.  He's like a little coach not letting me slack off!
The Lightning Kid is lying on the mat on the far side of the bike.

There hasn't been much snow in Southern Ontario this year, but when we got some, we managed to take advantage with a visit to the Mansfield Outdoor Centre.  It was our first time out cross-country skiing since we grew to a family of four.  We didn't get too much mileage in, as getting the gear and kids into the car, driving there, and still meeting somewhat of a sane nap schedule limits time a fair bit, but I'm proud that we're still getting out to do one of my favourite activities as a family.

Shark Boy in the Chariot, the Lightning Kid in the backpack carrier.

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