Cross-Training? Cross Posting!

I just wanted to highlight that I wrote an article for Heidi Murphy’s Balance Project Blog’s Canadian Blogger Series.  The series has had weekly articles from healthy living/fitness bloggers across our fair country, and yours truly signed up to represent Ontario (though not exclusively).  Check the series out, there’s some great posts about what other provinces are like for the active/healthy/outdoorsy types.

Also, if you haven`t checked out my other blog The Adventures of the Lightning Kid I`d love it if you gave it a read.  I don`t talk about it that much online, but I am a father to a baby born with Trisomy 21 also known as Down Syndrome.  In the blog I use a fairy tale setting to talk about the emotional truths of life with a child with Down Syndrome (DS for short), if not the literal truths.  As I'm fond of saying: the stories aren`t real, but they are true.

I'll be back soon with regularly scheduled programming ;)