The Week’s Great Links

Here’s a collection of triathlon related links I found this week, in case you didn’t see them when I tweeted them.

There are visually impaired triathletes who race with the help of a guide.  Guiding another person through a three stage race is challenging, and to my knowledge these people get training with their partners on how to get it done.  Chad Nikazy, while a competent triathlete, seems to have decided to become a guide for a paratriathlete pretty much up and out of the blue.  Read his awesome story in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Did you know the Olympics are on soon?  Of course, the coverage is non-stop, and there’s a lot of focus on London, the city.  I thought this was a cute travel article for triathletes - a way to see a bit of the city via a swim, bike, run: Explore London With Your Own DIY Triathlon

Canada’s Flag Bearer at London 2012 is Simon Whitfield.  He’s getting a lot of attention, but I like the fact that only days before the games, he goes to the inaugural Toronto Triathlon Festival to promote the sport and even competes in the Sprint event.  Here’s a little video of him talking about the sport - what a nice, down-to-earth guy.

@Triboomer lists some exotic triathlon from around the world here.

Don’t forget the Levac Attack!  Spread the word, sign-up, or sponsor me!

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