Top 5 Workout Songs

Fitness Cheerleader is running a blog challenge to post every day in August.
I doubt I'll make every post any more than someone following a marathon training plan hits every run, but it will be fun and rewarding to try, so what the heck!

First topic is my top 5 workout songs; this will probably be a little running centric.

1.) Wild Hearted Son by The Cult. Having rebellion and freedom in your heart - how can you help but run faster? Bonus points for old school blues references.

2.) Name of the Game by The Crystal Method. Great beats, inspires confidence

3.) Eulogy by The Flatliners. It's punk, but if you're inspired to go faster and/or further by someone who has passed on, this one will be your tear-stained second wind.

4.) Thunderstruck by AC/DC. THUNDER! RAAA-AAA-AAAA! Nuff said.

5.) When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin. Slower, driving beat, good for when you're on the "death march" portion of your run.

See you next time!