Where Will You Be in 10 Years?

As part of Fitness Cheerleader's August blog Challenge I'm using her suggested blog topic: Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years?

Exactly where I am now. The End. Seriously, I'm happily married, with two beautiful boys, a rewarding job I'm reasonably good at (and even enjoy occasionally!). I get around travelling and spend time outdoors exercising and playing (then I blog about it). I eat and drink well (by my own definition, which means variety above all else). Why would I want to be anywhere else? Even less metaphorically, I love my house and hometown.

I guess there could be tweaks.

-I'd like to expand my horizons in multisport to include things like off-road tris and adventure races.
-In that vein, within 10 years there should be opportunities to knock a few off the Race Bucket List
-Which brings up travel. We do fairly well for a family with small children, but I read blogs like Raising Rippers and I know we can do more on the camping and adventure front. The kids' swimming ability and toilet training will allow us to go on canoe trips and a lot of other adventures.

These few minor tweaks doesn't seem too daunting over a ten year span does it? The elephant I probably need to address is the Lightning Kid's Down Syndrome. Will there be delays that impose limits on his lifestyle, and by extension our family's? Right or wrong we don't think about that anymore than we plan on slowing down to accommodate for aging bodies and new aches and pains. You've got to shoot for the moon; now, and in 10 years too!