Boot Camp Sunday

I'm not entirely satisfied with my current 'Off-Season' schedule yet.  So far, I have my running club (with structured speed, tempo, hill workouts) on Mondays and Wednesdays.  On Tuesdays, if I can, I go to Gravity Machine at Goodlife, and I do a spin class to keep my biking muscles in shape on Fridays.  Thursdays I have meetings too close to lunch to fit a workout in, and the kids still aren't letting us sleep enough for me to plan a morning or evening workout.

I usually fit in something good on the weekend though I don't have anything dedicated yet.   Like I said, I'm not satisfied with the structure yet, but it's not terrible either.  This Sunday I decided to visit my friend Peter (from Fit2Touch, which I've mentioned before here) at one of his Boot Camps.

Peter does a good job of mixing exercise disciplines, so you don't know what you're going to get.  The warm-up had some boxercise elements, and the cool-down had its fair share of Yoga.  That Sunday's class worked our core muscles more than anything else, and the circuits got progressively harder with muscle groups being hit with supersets (2 or 3 different exercises that hit the same muscle group without stopping).  Compound exercises like lunges with a bicep curl were favoured, and he hit some weak areas (especially for me) like the rear deltoids.  After whipping us good with the strength circuit, he hit us with some more cardio centric work in the last circuits including jogging laps around a pool... which was a welcome relief to cardio junkies like me, actually.

Peter's Boot Camp (a.k.a. FitBlitz) was a great way to make sure I'd gotten my entire body workout for the end of the week.

Peter and Edna have been featured on Dragon's Den, and Steven and Chris.  Visit their site Fit2Touch or Edna's Healthy Couples Blog here.

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