Motivation Monday

I always see these motivational images on blogs and Pinterest.  I don't always like them... so I decided to make a few of my own.  I'm not much of an artist, I hope it's the thought that counts.

Too many of these motivational images praise pain over common sense.  Remember, He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

As part of a deal on Fitness Cheerleader's blog that we get a link up by posting the past week's activities so here goes:
  1. Monday: Bupkis
  2. Tuesday: Gravity Machine
  3. Wednesday: Nada
  4. Thursday: Dumbell Decathlon*
  5. Friday: Resting?
  6. Saturday: 5 Peaks Trail Run**
  7. Sunday: Home sick :(
*Here's a link to this workout.  As a kid in school I had to do a report on a hero... I picked Bruce Jenner (gold medal decathlete and unfortunately now part of that whole Kardashian thing).  Still Decathlon is like, multi-sport before there was multi-sport, so the workout was up my alley.
**This was a lot of fun despite the lousy pre-Hurricane Sandy weather.  I'll have a report up later in the week.  It must have torn down my immune system though, as I've been sick (head cold, achey bones) ever since.  Today, in fact, I'm posting this from my basement.  Hopefully I'll bounce back and have another week of exercise to report on soon enough!

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