Iron Rogue has joined the Fitfluential Family!  Whereas I was a member before, I am now officially a Fitfluential Ambassador (see the badge on the right?).  Fitfluential is a blogging network, so this is exciting news, especially in light of my recent looking to new horizons...

What kind of changes does this mean?  Not many, in terms of the general tone and content of the blog.  While a lot of Ambassadors do regular/weekly posts like 'What I Ate Wednesday' or 'Motivation Monday' I don't think that really suits my personal voice.  I am, however, looking forward to a better relationship with brands, and hopefully that means more gear reviews and the like.  I still want to take baby steps to take the blog to the next level, and this ambassadorship is the best way to get started.

If you have a blog, you might consider signing up for membership, and applying for ambassadorship the next time applications open!

Live long and rock on.