So many of the blogs I read in the fitness/running/triathlon/wellness space do posts on food.  There's even What I Ate Wednesday as a regular feature among Fitfluential bloggers.  I've never been interested in following this trend, it just doesn't interest me to write (nor read) about it (most of the time - I do love food!). Still, I thought I might spend a single post on the very basic nutritional principles I follow.  For some of you, it will be old news, but if I open a couple of eyes, it will be worth it.

First off, I am not vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or paleo.  If that's what you're looking for, all I can do is apologize.  Here are some regular features in my diet:


Race Day Nutrition

That's about all I could come up with for now.  They say nutrition is the 4th discipline of triathlon, so there's lots more that could be explored...