When It Rains It Pours

I haven't posted anything since I became a Fitfluential Ambassador.  My goal is to generally post once a week, and if I've got a lot of ideas in the hopper, I try to get the posts drafted so that I can publish them at a steady rate.  Life itself can be feast-or-famine after all.

Right now I've got a ton of ideas, and they should be coming through for the next few days.  Most of them have taken some time to gather information and/or experience, so I haven't been able to simply go ahead with them.  Though I should probably write them and save them for a rainy day, I've got so many new ideas and things I want to try that I don't think I should wait and space them out... I feel like there's a certain amount of time sensitivity to this stuff.  It'll probably be another flurry then radio silence again as life gets to busy for me again...

So, thanks for bearing with me and reading this far.  I'll leave you with a link: Alison from Racing Tales was recently tapped by the magazine The Washingtonian to write an article about off-season training methods and priorities for triathletes.  The article is great with tips from some real experts... and also... me!