Half-Marathon Training Weekly Recap: Bite My Shiny Metal Treadmill

There might have been a part two to that WOD (workout of the day) but I had to bail for a meeting.  I also did a 55 second plank and two 30 second side planks.

  • Sunday: The taper begins! My long run was a paltry 7.2 km (rather than the prescribed 8 km).  While the conditions were better than Tuesday, it was still very, very cold, and due to new snow, I had to stick to sidewalks.   I was pretty irritated to have my Yaktrax break on me (the buckle holding the strap on broke and vanished).  If I can find the time I’ll contact the manufacturer to see about warranty, but it’s a lot of money to spend on something that’s only been on handful of runs.
Any Futurama fans out there? Or Dreadmill Haters?

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