For Boston

Everyone has to talk about the tragic events at the Boston Marathon.  Maybe it's cathartic, but in spite of the fact that at this juncture everything that can be said has been said by people before me, and yet, I can't leave the topic untouched.

What I've liked the best, is people looking for the good: those that ran toward the blast and had the courage to try to help.  Mr. Rogers said to "look for the helpers."  Others made similar statements, only with more words, and starting with f-bombs.

Most of us (including me) try to make sense of the events:"Who could have done this? Why would anyone do this?"  We try to rationalize something that could never make any human sense.  It occurred to me, that this instinct to rationalize comes from our empathy, and our desire to try and see another person's point of view, no matter how insane or evil it is, comes from the same place that makes it unthinkable for us.  We humans think of other humans, not targets or assets.  And that gives me comfort too.

There were lots of ideas of how to show solidarity with those affected.  Wearing race t-shirts, running for 103 minutes (for the 3 dead, and another 100 because I guess people like long runs), running for 26.2 minutes (for the 26.2 miles of the marathon), or simply running a mile silently.  I was actually having a good, if busy, day today - I had a productive flow going at work, and we got some good news regarding the Lightning Kid's overall health, but I worried about missing my chance to say something, to do something, regardless of how small and insignificant these gestures can seem in the shadow of enormous tragedy.

When I got home from work, just before dinner, I put on my marathon shirt...

And took my boys out for a run.  Just a mile, and I had to negotiate that Shark Boy would be able to ride his bike immediately after, but I dedicate that run to Boston, to the Boston Marathon, and to runners everywhere.

Notice the Peace signs?

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