Pin-It Party Link-Up

Lindsay from the Lean Grean Bean had the wonderful idea to leverage a little Pinterest and help a bunch of bloggers bring attention to some of their older posts.  Blame me or my equipment, but I generally don't have the most jaw-dropping pictures... I do know that visuals are important in blogs, as walls of text turn people off.

I picked 5 posts based on 1.) they had to have a 'Pinnable' image and 2.) they represent the real heart of what this blog is about.  Here are my 5 posts:

More Family Exercise

Achievement Unlocked: Ski Commute

Impromptu Backyard Workout

Motivation Monday

Matrix Reloaded

Now that I look at them, there's not a lot of triathlon representation, which is the main theme of this blog.  Well, my triathlon posts either don't have good images (that originate from me), or just don't have the level of originality that I want to present today; e.g. race recaps - I swam, I biked then I ran.  So did everyone else.  The posts above, though? They have that special Iron Rogue brand of crazy.  So go ahead an pin an image!  You can find me on Pinterest here.  And be sure to go to Lean Green Bean for other great posts on fitness and wellness.  I'll even put a few links in the comment section!

EDIT: Can't put links in the comments, so here's some of the other participants I've visited:
Itz Linz
Coffee, Cake and Cardio
Family Fitness Food
Fit 2 Flex
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