Link-Up! Triathlon Beginner FAQ

I keep seeing new triathletes on the internet this year and so many of them have questions.  A bunch of Fitfluentials have decided to tackle a bunch of their questions.  I'll be keeping my FAQ in a permanent page which you can find here.

Some of the newbies (let's cheer them on!) include:

Krysten from Darwinian Fail
Megan from Little Girl in the Big World
Erin from Running Tall
Robin from Simple. Green. Organic. Happy.
Lynda from Hit The Road Jane
Smitha from FauxRunner

And our experts include:

Katie from Mom's Little Running Buddy
Cristina from Triathlon Mami
Amanda from PATD, White Dog & A Blog
Robin from Westford Mommy
Brooke from Redhead Reverie
Wendy from T2 Coaching

Michelle from NYC Running Mama (I think it's her first year, but she's too hardcore to fall into the newbie group!)