Bracebridge will be my last triathlon of this year.  I decided I couldn't do any more triathlons until I can make bike rides of 2 hours or more a regular part of my lifestyle.  I knew this about a week before the race, and to be honest, I found it liberating.  I love triathlon and I hope to be doing it the rest of my life, but leading up to the race, and pretty much all season long, I felt guilt about miles I wasn't getting in (especially on the bike).

I had done a pretty good job of exercising on the whole, but when I wanted to do Yoga or Pilates or Crossfit or Burbathlon I often did, yet at the end of the week (or whenever) I'd look at my mileage on Endomondo and cringe.  I don't want to cringe anymore, I want to have fun.

I (or I should say, we) do have a few runs and endurance races in our near future.  First is the Levac Attack back for 2013.  We'll be running the 'Hard Taco' event at 11.2 km.  We're hoping Shark Boy will bike it beside us, with the Lightning Kid in the Chariot except for the last few hundred meters where we'll try and get him to run/walk.  It's on September 7th; if you'd like to donate, please click here.  We'd love to have you if you'd like to run it too, registration ends August 29th.  There'll be great t-shirts, a bouncy castle for the kids, post race food from the Pickle Barrel, you name it.

The next week is a double-header with the Terry Fox run for the whole family on the Saturday.  We'll probably do 5 km with both boys in a combination of Chariot and Bike, much like last year.

The next day (Sunday) I'll be doing a trail run with the 5 Peaks series.  I had great fun with them last year, and I'm sorry I haven't been able to fit in more of their races this year.  There's a kid event I'm hoping I can get Shark Boy to do... maybe even the Lightning Kid, who knows?

Last but not least, Shark Boy will have a return appearance at the Kids Of Steel Duathlon run by Family Fun Fit on the weekend of September 21st.  That day has another big event, but I'm not going to talk about it in this post.

Triathlon season may be over for me, but the multi-sport fitness adventures continue!

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