Introducing... Roguees!

As I mentioned back in June, I developed my own little body-weight strength exercise that can be done without equipment.  It targets the whole body like a burpee, but it gets more oblique core work and stabilizers, and it's lower impact.  It probably won't quite spike your heart rate as high either.  It's taken me until now to get good video together, but without further ado, I give you... Roguees!

From standing, you do a forward bend.
Step 1

Walk your hands forward, keeping your core engaged until you're in a plank position (on hands, not elbows).

Step 2
The next few steps involve isolating one leg for the exercise.  The Scorpion push-up has you lift the leg (my right leg, in this example) and lift it behind you toward your left hip, as best as you can.  Do this as you drop to a push-up; you'll feel a bigger load on your left chest and shoulder than the right, but your right hip will get a nice opening stretch.  Your obliques will engage to keep the whole thing together.

Step 3
After you come back up from the push-up, your foot can either return back to the floor while you centre yourself, or immediately shoot it forward between your hands.  Either way, your next step is to come up into a lunge.
Step 4
Press up from the floor with the front foot (right foot in my case) - the same foot that was in the air during the Scorpion push-up phase.  Come up into standing on that foot and raise the opposite (left in my case) knee to complete a Runner's lunge.  If you're incline to extend the leg into a front snap kick... who am I to stop you?

Now do everything in reverse: the raised knee goes back so  you're in a lunge position, the front foot joins it in a momentary plank, Scorpion push-up, then walk the hands back into the forward bend, and straighten into standing.  Now do it again on the other leg.

If you're still not clear, the video can show you it all in succession, once on each side.

I'd love to see people play with this, so if you do get a chance, please leave a comment here or on Youtube.  Better yet, get a picture or video of yourself doing Roguees and put it on Twitter or Instagram; tag me (@apkussma) and use the hashtag #Roguees.

(I'm submitting this to Drink and Dish's Video Challenge!)

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