Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#JustRunning Chronicle: Week 1

Rather than any year-long resolution or big, complicated goal, I set out to regain my focus and confidence by Just Running for 2 weeks; the goal was to get at least 7 runs in 14 days.  Here's the first 7 days...

#JustRunning Day 1: Why not start the new program on the first day of the year? I headed out while the kids were napping on New Year’s Day.  I had on layers including long underwear; it was -12 degrees C and the wind was 20km/h from the North.  I found I was dressed warm enough, except my gloves - they were a pair of  thin cycling gloves better suited for mere wind protection.   Cold hands were less of an issue once I got properly warmed up from running.  For music, I put on the Oakenfold station on Slacker; I don’t listen to that much dance music, but this was good for a fresh start to the new year, something different from my rut routine.

Keeping my HR in the low ranges... fairly steady.

#JustRunning Day 2:  I knew it was cold, and I drew some looks of concern as I headed out, but I assured everyone who bothered to look that I was well prepared.  Well, almost.  The gloves were really not enough for that day; my records show -18 and 22 km/h winds from the North, but my wife’s message of support (saying how she loves me for [or in spite of] my craziness) mentioned -20.  My hands were really hurting and I kept them in my armpits and tried various tricks, but the threat of frostbite loomed (there were warnings on the radio that I head later).  I managed to run out for 10 minutes then headed back with my hands killing me and my fear of frostbite getting all too real.

#JustRunning Day 3: Much more reasonable.  I called this the "non-death-wish" version.  I don't know if it was the time of day, but it felt slow for the same kind of HR I'd been trying to maintain every time (around 75-77% of max).

#JustRunning Day 4: Plan A had been to run on Monday, but after a crazy morning I didn't have run gear packed for lunch, and Plan B to run outside was being defeated by howling winds that woke us all up at various points of the night.  I could have gone to the gym and used a treadmill that evening, but things were running a little too late and I feared New Years crowds.  I rolled the dice the next morning and got a little late into work (and worked through lunch), but the reward was being on track for my Just Running program 7 days in.


Carla Birnberg said...

I really really like this.
it's the consummate SETTING YOU UP FOR SUCCESS.

Carrie Skoll said...

I'd agree with the crazy comment - or passionate. Glad you headed the frostbite warnings. Stay warm! But, keep up the good work.

Krysten said...

You are rocking this challenge. This weather has been torture though!! UGH!!! Why do we live in this crazy country again?!