#JustRunning Chronicle: Week 1

Rather than any year-long resolution or big, complicated goal, I set out to regain my focus and confidence by Just Running for 2 weeks; the goal was to get at least 7 runs in 14 days.  Here's the first 7 days...

#JustRunning Day 1: Why not start the new program on the first day of the year? I headed out while the kids were napping on New Year’s Day.  I had on layers including long underwear; it was -12 degrees C and the wind was 20km/h from the North.  I found I was dressed warm enough, except my gloves - they were a pair of  thin cycling gloves better suited for mere wind protection.   Cold hands were less of an issue once I got properly warmed up from running.  For music, I put on the Oakenfold station on Slacker; I don’t listen to that much dance music, but this was good for a fresh start to the new year, something different from my rut routine.

Keeping my HR in the low ranges... fairly steady.

#JustRunning Day 2:  I knew it was cold, and I drew some looks of concern as I headed out, but I assured everyone who bothered to look that I was well prepared.  Well, almost.  The gloves were really not enough for that day; my records show -18 and 22 km/h winds from the North, but my wife’s message of support (saying how she loves me for [or in spite of] my craziness) mentioned -20.  My hands were really hurting and I kept them in my armpits and tried various tricks, but the threat of frostbite loomed (there were warnings on the radio that I head later).  I managed to run out for 10 minutes then headed back with my hands killing me and my fear of frostbite getting all too real.

#JustRunning Day 3: Much more reasonable.  I called this the "non-death-wish" version.  I don't know if it was the time of day, but it felt slow for the same kind of HR I'd been trying to maintain every time (around 75-77% of max).

#JustRunning Day 4: Plan A had been to run on Monday, but after a crazy morning I didn't have run gear packed for lunch, and Plan B to run outside was being defeated by howling winds that woke us all up at various points of the night.  I could have gone to the gym and used a treadmill that evening, but things were running a little too late and I feared New Years crowds.  I rolled the dice the next morning and got a little late into work (and worked through lunch), but the reward was being on track for my Just Running program 7 days in.