Review: Saucony Triumph ISO shoes

Disclosure: I was given a free pair of Saucony Triumph ISO for review purposes through Fitfluential LLC.  All opinions are my own.

The last time I wore a pair of Saucony's they were the Virratas, and we were in the throes of the minamalist shoe revolution.  I, for one, am glad to be on the tail end of that dark time.  I was excited to be trying out a more cushioning shoe... enter the Saucony Triumph ISO.

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Saucony wanted to produce a shoe that would stun its users; making a WhoaFace, as they've dubbed it.  I really liked the colours of the pair they sent me; too often shoes seem to be going for garish, loud colours (like the ones in some of their promotional shots which I'll share below).  These shoes, on the other hand let me put together outfits that make me feel like a superhero.

#ad #latergram love the colours on the #Saucony Triumphs... because I can put together outfits like this. Maje others do a #WHOAFACE "Is he going to run on the treadmill or fight crime?" #IronRogue #fitfluential #ffcheckin #running #runnerd
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Even better than the look was how they felt.  It reminded me of the shoes I'd buy in high school, when it seemed like running shoe brands first started caring about technology and the feeling and experience of running in their shoes.

They felt incredibly light to run in, considering what a soft ride I was getting.  The topside (ISOFIT) must be very breathable, and will come in handy in hotter weather; unfortunately, the cold made me notice this feature very quickly.  I should probably play around with the lacing, as I think I could have used a little more motion control, which is weird, because that's not what my gait usually demands.

What I want the most out of a shoe is cushioning, and the Triumph delivers with its PWRGRID+ platform.  Impacts simply feel soft, without feeling like you've got a pillow wedged under your heel. It was most noticeable running downhill; I could really let myself loose on any downward slope.

What I like best about my #Saucony Triumph ISOs is how they perform running downhill. #WHOAFACE #fitfluential #running #IronRogue
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The Triumphs held up well on sidewalk and gravel, I think they'd be optimal for road running in warmer weather.

Could a shoe make you make a WHOAFACE? Based on looks? Based on feel?

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