Pin-It Party (with the Lean Green Bean)

I'm taking part in a party! Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean, is nice enough to host a little linking party where we can share the posts that are most Pinterest-worthy! You follow me on Pinterest right?

So here are the posts I've made over the years that I think should be part of your Pinterest collection.  Pay them a visit (clicking on the image will open the page), and then pin them!  Then head over to Pin-It Party Headquarters and pin a bunch of that stuff too.

1.) A way to get a whole-body workout with a small number of dumbbells and very little time.

Dumbbell Doubles #WorkoutHack
2. A way to combine bike hill repeats with strength work to save time.

Bike + Strength #WorkoutHack
3. 5 Tips to have an Active Family Life.
5 Tips for Active Family Living
4. A Low impact alternative to Burpees that also targets obliques.
Introducing: Roguees!
Swim Workout: Thursday 300s

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