Friday Five: Top Five Father's Day Gifts for the Many Faces of Iron Rogue

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1.) For the office drone who needs to get more active and/or stronger on the bike:

In a triathlon, you're likely to spend more time on the bike than swimming or running, yet it seems to be the hardest to get out and do; the extra equipment and getting to a safe route can be time consuming.  Enter the Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL. This thing sits under a desk and lets you quietly pedal during your workday.  

2.) For a guy who, kind of, sort of, cares how he dresses.  Frank And Oak make some of the clothes I most like to wear (except my flannel sweatpants and old hooded sweatshirts though they do make hoodies too).  A Frank and Oak shirt is my go-to when I have an important meeting or it's date night.  I've also got khakis, slacks, jeans, shoes and blazers from them.  All their stuff is affordable, and special mention goes to the shirts which are tailored well to an athletic physique; the more generic shirt you get from department stores tend to billow out if you're slimmer than a husky man.  The styles lean toward hipster, which helps this 40-something feel younger, but not to the point of embarassment.

3.) For the dad who likes turning play time with the kids (or any other semi-reasonable time) into a workout.  Gripsling is an innovative, tough training device that basically can give you a handle on anything you can loop it around for lifting, or pulling yourself up.  Their base model has a loop on one end and you grip the other end of the strap, but I like their next model up which has loops on both ends.  If you don't need the second loop, you don't have to use it, but I always prefer have-it-but-don't-need-it to need-it-but-don't-have-it.  They're light and portable so it would be easy to take them along on a run to make a burbathlon more interesting.  I can't wait to integrate them into trips to the playgrounds and parks with the kids or even impromptu backyard workouts.

Cool obstacle course setup by @jday2001 with his GripSling training straps. Great form with those L-sits @jday2001! Keep up the strong work! #ocr #ocrtraining #spartan #spartantraining #core #coretraining #coreworkout #obstaclecourse #obstaclecoursetraining #obstaclecourserace #obstaclecourseracing #obstaclecourseracer #outdoorworkout #outdoorfitness #outdoorexercise #outdoorgym #homegym #homeexercise #homeworkout #homefitness #trainingstraps #GripStrength #GripTraining #GripWorkout #GripSling
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4.) For the multisport smart phone addict: I had a waterproof dustproof camera that I used for taking pics at races for the blog and for when the family was out and about the way we often are, but the quality was never very good, and in the meantime, my phone's camera has eclipsed it in megapixels and capabilities.  While the Samsung Galaxy S5 has some baseline waterproof capabilities, I needed to not only feel safer in the water, but account for my own clumsiness which was going to result in a dropped phone (it's happened in the past).  Enter Lifeproof.  I use the FRE case on my S5, and it's saved it from multiple drops, and if you've ever seen one of my swim videos on Instagram, that's how I capture them.  Customer service is very good too, as they replaced the first one I got after a scratch showed up, and they did it quickly and efficiently.
Galaxy S5 Case - frē $79.99

Once you have the case like I do though, the bulkiness of it can make it less convenient to have around at any given time, so I'm thinking about adding the quick mount accessories like this bike mount,
Bike + Bar Mount with QuickMount $39.99

or a simple belt clip.
Belt Clip with QuickMount $29.99

5.) For the father who's not getting any younger... I only know two things about aging skin... a) sun makes it worse and b) you should moisturize.  I've gotten a lot of skin care products as birthday, Christmas and Father's Day gifts over the years and some are expensive, but I'm simply not fussed enough to go about multiple steps in any kind of regimen, at least not on a regular basis.  Most days, I've been using the Every Man Jack Daily Protection after my shave; my skin gets moisturized against the irritation, and I get SPF 15 protection for the walk to and from my car and dropping the kids off (I use a higher SPF product if I'm training outside).  You can get Every Man Jack products, and other grooming items (as well as socks, underwear and neat things like deodorant wipes for when you can't shower) at

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